perfectionism-photoIf you come into my studio, you will see on the back of a door where I hang some of my larger brushes, a piece of paper taped just below the brushes that is easily visible. On that piece of paper it says, “Perfectionism is the father of procrastination.”

When I read this it reminds me to not take myself too seriously, and that when it comes to creating art, being consumed with having a perfect result can prevent you from taking the next action, i.e. put some paint on your palette, or pick up the brush and make a mark somewhere on the canvas. At it’s worst, this can lead to a nasty bout of artist block where nothing gets done.

Recently I began a new work on a 6ft. x 6ft. panel. One of the things I like to do is create texture in my work. There is a process where I create texture on muslin and attach it to the panel prior to painting. Not paying attention I incorrectly applied glue over the panel. The next day this cost me many hours of removing glue.

On hindsight I realized that my focus was on thinking about the next step, and how it needed to be perfect. What was needed was for me to be in the present moment and focused with the task at hand. When not being attached to the outcome it seems more work gets produced, and by producing more work, the quality improves.

Heres a gift idea for the holiday’s. Give someone a gift certificate for a mixed media art workshop in my studio. Contact me 707-478-8150 to get more details and how to purchase.

Going-Beyond-the-Known-Dialogue-60-x-48 “Going Beyond the Known Dialogue”  60″x 48″ mixed media on wood panel
To inquire please contact Terra Firma Gallery at 707-938-2200

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