Out of My Mind

1.Deep-Within 12 x 12

Yes, it seems when I get out of my mind, my best work comes thru me. Unlike any of you reading this, I tend to over think, and over analyze before ever taking action. Once I do take action, the mind starts to quiet for a little while, until……judgement creeps back in. Of course I need to evaluate how it’s going, I’m only human.

I was going to say it was a problem all this judgement, but maybe there is another way to view this. Maybe as a creative this is how it goes? Maybe I’m doing it perfectly? Maybe it’s about accepting the process, and realizing perfection is a myth, and our imperfections are really what is perfect.

Lets see, so I judge, analyze, notice my fear, desire perfection, and then maybe take an action like putting the brush to the canvas. And after a while of ebb and flow, no action, action, judgement, releasing judgement, attachment to a result, letting go of attachment, etc. Yes, it can be exhausting…….until you let go.

Here’s what works for me. Freedom lies in owning and accepting the process, and noticing when I’m attached to a certain result. When I see that, then I can choose to let go. And when I do, sometimes I have miraculous results.

What do you do to get out of your mind and take action?

Coming up. One more weekend of my studio being open for Artrails. Stop in to see what I’ve been up to. I really enjoyed seeing those of you that came by this past Saturday and Sunday. 

Weekend and evening mixed media art workshops available >


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