Re-Imagining Yesterday

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I have many wonderful images as a 9 yr. old boy living on the island of Kwajalein. I was there approximately 2 years from 1968-69. The island was and is now used by the military as a defense missile test site. For a quick history about Kwajalein you can read about it on Wikipedia

When I think back, one of the strongest images I have is standing on the beach looking out at the capsized German World War 2 cruiser, the Prinz Eugen. I still have a clear memory of seeing the rusted steel propeller jutting out of the ocean. It is still there, and many scuba divers have explored it including my father.

For this painting I used the impression of the propeller to express a memory or feeling I had at that time. Usually any recognizable image I add ends up being painted over as I allow the unconscious to reveal itself. Instead, as you can see the propeller still remains, and excuse me for the pun, anchors the work. There is an underwater feel here to. For me as a young boy the island was a tropical paradise. I have many good memories including my parents sail boat (The Iris), Brownie and Tiger seashells, Jelly fish, a Moray eel and standing on the shallow reefs looking at pencil urchins and marine life.


Coming up: I’m in a new gallery in Sebastopol, California. The gallery is called “The PassDoor” The grand opening will be sometime towards the end of May. Details to come. At the PassDoor you will be able to see this painting, and other new works in person.

Art Connects

Last weekends open studio was a success. Thank you to everyone who came, and to those of you that contributed your time and effort with the event.

One of the paintings to find a new home ended up in a therapist office in Santa Rosa. She agreed to let me share this image, and about whom she is here. The painting is called “Forest of the Mind”(Is there a coincidence it ended up in her office?) The clients name is Sharon Davis and she does Somatic therapy. Her phone number is (707) 299-8596. Sharon came to my studio and connected with the work thinking it might go well in her office. Once I brought the painting over, the decision to keep it was pretty instant. Almost magically the work looked like it was made for the space. Once the work leaves my studio, it has what I call a second life.


What’s next? I’m beginning works related to my experience as a boy living for 2 years on the island called Kwajalein. I’ll be sharing works in progress about this.


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You’re Invited! Open Studio – This coming Valentine’s weekend

Come visit me in my studio this weekend to see my latest works. During your visit enjoy a glass of wine. Complements of 
PARO wine. The studio will be open this Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 15-16 between the hours 11am – 4pm. Directions below.

Studio Address:
24 Tenth Street, Suite E
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Take College exit off Hwy 101.
Head west to Cleveland, Turn Left.
Go two streets to 10th street.
Parking available on corner.
Call if you can’t find me (707)478-8150

Before you leave this post, make sure to leave any comments on my BLOG page. I always enjoy hearing from you!

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