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Last weekends open studio was a success. Thank you to everyone who came, and to those of you that contributed your time and effort with the event.

One of the paintings to find a new home ended up in a therapist office in Santa Rosa. She agreed to let me share this image, and about whom she is here. The painting is called “Forest of the Mind”(Is there a coincidence it ended up in her office?) The clients name is Sharon Davis and she does Somatic therapy. Her phone number is (707) 299-8596. Sharon came to my studio and connected with the work thinking it might go well in her office. Once I brought the painting over, the decision to keep it was pretty instant. Almost magically the work looked like it was made for the space. Once the work leaves my studio, it has what I call a second life.


What’s next? I’m beginning works related to my experience as a boy living for 2 years on the island called Kwajalein. I’ll be sharing works in progress about this.


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