What inspires me to create?

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I wish I could tell you that to get inspired all I did was sit on a pillow, and meditate for 15 minutes, and an awe inspiring idea hit me. Sometimes it happens that way, yet it seems most of the time it doesn’t. For me the creative process is much more proactive.

I usually start with an inquiry, maybe a question like what elements do I want to work with or do I want to work with a concept or a theme? What do I want to convey? For example Valentines Day is coming up, so I am going to do some works that express the heart. Creating art around Valentines Day isn’t necessarily inspiring to me. What is inspiring is creating something original around a conventional theme. Taking different materials such as metal or glass, and incorporating them is one way to explore and play with a painting of the heart.

A lot of times I am building on the previous work, taking what I consider the strongest part and beginning with that in mind. Some examples of where I may get inspired, could be looking at the shapes of tree branches in nature, or standing in front of a giant red colored Rothko painting, a dream from the night before, or a pattern from a certain seashell, etc.

I think most of my inspiration comes from wanting to create and convey something unknown. The act of creating with the anticipation of something new and beautiful is inspiring to me.

There is another aspect of creating art that inspires me. Once the painting is done, the public or viewer has their relationship with the work. Sometimes people will tell me what they like or dislike about the art. They may also share what it represents to them. It could be a place, something they are reminded of, or it could bring up an emotion. I have heard some wild interpretations. What I have enjoyed is the connection with others through my art.

In February I am having an open studio with new works. Something being expressed about the heart. Stay tuned.

I look forward to hearing your comments.


7 thoughts on “What inspires me to create?”

  1. Chris,

    The wonderful, beautiful and amazing, larger than life Chris Henry painting that I have in my home brings me joy every day! As I am with your painting each day I see something completely new and suddenly there is a new dimension in the painting presenting itself. Honestly, the longer I have it the more I love it!

    PS…I can get chocolate and beer, but dates and beer?

    1. Hi Deborah,
      Great to hear from you! Thanks for sharing the joy your still receiving from the painting. Yes, dates and beer are a weird combo LOL


  2. Thanks Susan,
    Yes, the brush in mouth meditation is the secret to creativity. Must be a clean brush though.
    I like what you shared about creativity, and I always enjoy hearing your wise words!

  3. Creation? I wonder. Do you think maybe those guys back in the renaissance created the way we see the world now? By inventing perspective they gave us a new way to draw—we know that—but maybe they did a lot more than that; maybe they gave us a new way to see. We really have no idea how man—let’s say an ancient Egyptian—experienced the world. If we look at his art, and think about it, we are perhaps forced to assume that he saw the world that way. So it could be that you are inventing a new way for human beings to see the world. And that the artists and the writers and the musicians are the true engines of the future, and not the politicians and the soldiers and the businessmen, whose primary job, like dumbbells in a gym, may simply be to provide the resistance necessary for the muscles of creation to grow strong enough to shift the world.


    1. Richard,
      What you said here is really great! I read it a few times. That as artist’s we are inventing how humans beings see the world is a much larger way of holding ourselves, and to me very inspiring. I am going to post this where I can see it as a daily reminder. Well said!

  4. Hi Chris,
    Great blog. Oh, so that is how you create..brush in mouth meditation lol
    You have chosen a topic that already inspires creation. The word create means making something from nothing to me.
    Every one of us creates every day. We just simply aren’t always aware of it! Thank you for putting awareness into my life today,

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