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After spending the last couple of weeks evaluating progress made in 2015. It’s time to start again. Northern California is getting much needed rain. The cool rainy days are in contrast to the sun that mostly appears throughout the year in this area. After a little time off, getting the paint brushes out can be a little confronting. It’s amazing how quickly I have forgotten how to paint. I’m getting older, but I don’t think dementia is setting in? So what do I do? Baby steps. Put primer on a panel, organize the studio, do some drawings, etc. Just move. After a little while the creative wheels begin to churn. Then, if I am present and don’t rush it. I remember. It’s about discovering something new, something I’ve not seen that leaves me inspired. This is what lights me up. The act of creation. I’m interested in what lights you up? Leave a comment below.

To see my recent work in person, you can visit Terra Firma Gallery in Sonoma, CA, and The Passdoor Gallery in Sebastopol, CA.

For those of you who want to get inspired by starting out the new year being bold and creative, come play and explore in one of my studio workshops.

New Schedule thru May of 2016 
January 10 Introductory Workshop / Sunday 1–4:30
January 17 New – Painting and Epoxy Resin / Sunday 12–4:30

February 13 All Day Saturday Workshop / Saturday 10–5 
February 14 Introductory Workshop / Sunday 1–4:30
February 21 Introductory Workshop / Sunday 1–4:30

March 12 All Day Saturday Workshop / Saturday 10–5 
March 13 Introductory Workshop / Sunday 1–4:30
March 20 Introductory Workshop / Sunday 1–4:30

April 9 All Day Saturday Workshop / Saturday 10–5 
April 10 Introductory Workshop / Sunday 1–4:30
April 17 Introductory Workshop / Sunday 1–4:30

May 7 All Day Saturday Workshop / Saturday 10–5 
May 8 Introductory Workshop / Sunday 1–4:30
May 15 Introductory Workshop / Sunday 1–4:30

Go here >>> to get more information or download my new workshop schedule.

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