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I love seeing original art in person. Part of this is actually seeing up close the surface and texture of the work. When it comes to my own work, I’m out to create a visceral response. Emotion created through color, texture and design are what motivate me when painting in the studio. One can create work that is quiet and subtle, with muted colors, etc. or be larger or more expressive with strong vibrant colors, and more contrast. Part of my toolbox is using texture. I believe it creates interest, depth and mystery. Too much texture can overpower a work. These are things I think about.

Like many others, I was strongly impacted when I first saw one of Van Gogh’s self portraits in person at the Louvre. Many things have been said about this, yet one of the things I was left with was seeing and feeling his textural application of paint. Before that moment, I have and continue to be a texture junkie.

I have a contest for anyone that would like to attend a free workshop in my studio. What follows is a photo of a door written on with a poem from T.S. Eliot – Four Quartets: Little Gidding #5.

The first person to tell me where this door is located shall be able to attend an available 3.5 hour Introductory workshop. Here is a clue – it is located in Healdsburg, CA. Please leave a comment below or reply here if you know the answer.

My new workshop schedule is here.

Let me know what you think about texture and art by leaving a comment below.

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  1. I just found your work this morning and I am so taken by the way you use color and texture. I create texture in my work with ephemera and for me these hidden bits and pieces of history bring a depth and story to my work that pushes me. I think because I was adopted and I feel I have no history my work appropriates the history of others and I then make their history my own.

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