Seen When Present


The title of this work could be said about a lot of things in my life. When I’m present to this moment and not listening to the myriad of concerns vying for my attention, life seems to flow easier, and inspiration can visit more often. In this work my intent was to add complexity by using many layers of paint and other materials. If you are present it will be easy to recognize the image.

This and other works can be seen in a few weeks at the Sausalito Art Festival, September 5-7 Labor Day Weekend.  I hope to see you there. I’ll be in booth #805. For more information go here>>>

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3 thoughts on “Seen When Present”

  1. Hi Chris, Haven’t been on you art blog in ages, but I love the new piece that you have up. To me it represents sky (flying free), ocean (drowning in pain or confusion), the heart could be interpreted as brutally obvious, love. I am more analytical than artistic. Wish I were more artistic!!!! But when I see this heart, I think LOVE. But love for what? People you love, family, nature (as I see a bit of in all of your artwork), life–the good and the difficult aspects of it. I don’t dwell in the past, as my present and future provide enough for me to think about. However, my old friend, while I spent a few hours recently, with an injured foot that limited my mobility, sorting through old photographs, taking a first step towards getting them organized (maybe someday I’ll get there), I came across a really, really funny one from circa 1982. Let’s just say, it would make you laugh and bring back some memories for four people. You, me, Kathy, and Bill Albrecht. I wanted to ask you if you would be okay with me posting it on FB, just for a few chuckles, as we can all use some of those these days. I’m glad to see that you are doing well with your art. You were always so talented; happy for you that you found your niche. Kathy is doing well after dealing with colon cancer. We keep in touch on Facebook. Steve is about 5 days out of Seattle in his cross-country bicycle trip to raise money for the EOD Warrior Foundation. Google it; I could not be more proud of my little brother. He left from Maine in May; almost back to the West Coast. He is formidable and strong, and our entire family is anxious for him to get back home to San Diego. Anyway, love the artwork; always makes me smile!!! You should be proud. Best regards, always, Karen

  2. You are demonstrating what may be one of the primary laws of the universe—the law that says that you have to do the work in order to attain mastery. I have watched you do the work, for many years, and at times the watching was painful for both of us, but the thing about you is that you kept doing the work. That is a quality that mostly comes up missing in the modern world. People now don’t want to do the work, to put in the ten thousand hours; people now want to be rich and famous tomorrow.

    I congratulate you.


    1. Richard, Thank you for the acknowledgement. Not sure how to respond, but to let you know I have learned many things from you over the years, both from what you have said, and by example.


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