New Work

New Work – “Conscious of the Feminine” mixed media and oil 6ft. x 6ft.

I’m excited to share the completion of my largest work to date. Next week it will be available to see at Terra Firma gallery in Sonoma, CA. I’ve included two images below showing a couple of stages in the development of the painting.

Feminine-2Here I have just started adding a white primer to the wood braced panel. Prior to this I sealed the entire panel, front and back, by brushing on a coat of clear shellac.


I took this photo when the work was about halfway complete. For this piece I added many layers of paint, including both acrylic then oil. Other materials included here are bronze sheeting, pumice, archival ink, glues, and polyurethane. In between adding layers of paint I would sometimes sand and partially remove areas that I felt needed to either be softened, or I wanted to represent a passing of time. From start to finish this painting was created over a 2 month period.

If you are curious or interested in participating in a workshop at my studio, you can get more information on my website here. Classes are scheduled thru the end of May.
(Note: If you are using a smart phone, when you get to my website you will find workshops under the information tab.) 

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    1. Cheryl,
      Thanks, please say hello for me to everyone in the Artist Conference Network. Ya, I miss seeing you all.

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