Letting Go

My brother has been going thru and organizing family keepsakes. Recently he let me know he found a short story I had written when I was around 9 yrs. old. (Very short, under 3 minutes to read-see below) The title of the story is “Books and Feet”. When I read the story, I laughed and thought it showed some creativity. The thought that came to mind was something Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up

Looking back, I now see that as a young boy I was free to create things. I wasn’t worried about what others thought of my creations. I believe that changed once I had received some atta boys. Don’t get me wrong, having support as a beginning or even an experienced artist is very nurturing and empowering to your creative side. That being said, the old adage, success becomes a trap, comes in to play. If not paying attention, your work can become about something other than the work. Maybe it’s about getting more approval, or making another sale. I’m not saying I think there is anything wrong with these motivations. It’s just useful to be aware of what is driving you. When we are conscious of this, we can choose another context from which to create our work. A context full of possibility and wonder.

From experience my best work happens when my thoughts have subsided, and I’m creating work for no reason. Joy and inspiration can show up when letting go of the work having to turn out a certain way.


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Saturday,  August 16th, 10 -5
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Speculative-Landscape      “Speculative Landscape” 48  x  16



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