About the artist

My paintings tell a story; they are mysterious and kinetic; they challenge you. They somehow discover where you are in your life and where you are going next. They are as diverse as the people who own them. My clients trust me to make art that is fresh and original.

I began when I was ten, with cartoon murals on my bedroom walls. As soon as I finished art school I left the East Coast and drove West, looking for a different life. I landed in San Francisco.

I spent much of my youth as a seeker, until I realized that my search was not  external; I found I was searching for something within. Realizing that, language began to have everything to do with how I saw the world. Paint is a form of language. I speak beauty, peace and transcendence. It is my way of sharing. I paint as an exploration and as an inquiry into life and into myself.

The Abstract Expressionist Movement is my key inspiration. It gives me spontaneity and freedom. When I begin a new work, I have a vague idea of where to go. I ask my self: “What is the story here? What textural elements want to be added?  What colors will be dominant? What shapes and lines will be present?” The work informs me where I must go. Sometimes I scribble thoughts into the painting. As I work, who I am in each moment is revealed and communicated. I  build up paint on the surface and then sometimes remove much of it, as something beautiful and mysterious is revealed.


Please visit my gallery site.

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